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That sun comes up every morning: Do you still notice and love it?

Nov 22, 2022

by Anne O'Connor


There's something lovely about sharing the beauty of the world. Most mornings I am out on my balcony, watching the sun rise. I watch from the fourteenth floor, downtown St. Paul. It's a little perch--my private nest.  


It's amazing to see the changes in just a few minutes. Like so much beauty, if I get distracted...I miss it. 


Sometimes, it's so stunning I gasp. 

I rush in and try to get my teenager to come out and look with me. Sometimes he will--sometimes he's got other things going on. Sometimes, he pulls me outside. 

Check out the sun rays and twirling clouds in the next shot. Also, the Mississippi River looks ablaze!

Sometimes, I wonder why there isn't anyone else out watching this incredible display. This morning, there was someone else! They're in only one of these photos...can you see them? 

Here's the final shot: sun's up and it's time to go. Have a great day! 


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