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Leaders: Your best resource is your relationships. 

We give you what you need to cultivate the most satisfying work relationships of your life.

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The Outstanding Communicator.

Here's how to create fearless clarity and genuine connection at work

High-level relational skills are essential for a vibrant and collaborative organization. 

We tailor our interactive workshop--The Outstanding Communicator--to your leadership team's needs for the most life-giving relationship-building program you will ever experience together. Anne O'Connor has 20+ years of communications experience--including successfully leading communications for Organic Valley, the U.S.'s largest organic cooperative. Anne also earned her Masters in Clinical Social Work with a focus on group dynamics. Let's put that skill to work for your organization. 

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A young, white, businesswoman crosses her arms as she looks skeptically at a white man, barely in the frame, with his hands out in front of him as if he's explaining something to her.

Is there one sure way to avoid a toxic work environment?

The number one reason people leave their jobs is because of a toxic work environment. Your organization rises or falls on the strength of its relationships.

Honest, connective relationships require support and practice. Don’t make the mistake of many leaders who don't invest in these often-overlooked but fundamental skills.

It's a great time to give yourself and your team support in this area. You spend half your waking hours with your work colleagues--make them count. Most people want the same things: to have their dignity, to be engaged in useful work, and to be compensated well. At least as much, we want people to recognize our whole humanity.  

How are you investing in your key professional relationships? Your leadership team is a great place to focus. Do you have a specific training commitment to creating an environment of belonging, innovation, and collaboration? The Outstanding Communicator is that framework. 

The number one sure way that you can avoid a toxic work environment and create a healthy workplace is to commit long-term to the work of outstanding relationships. Decide today that you will get help to create consistent time and space for relational skill-building and development for every leader in your organization. 

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How to become the leader you want to be--your team will thank you

You are already a strong leader---what does your next-level progress look like? Will you be the person who inspires your team to connect, build community, reimagine old systems, and value human-level traits? When you demonstrate skill and expertise in the critical areas of listening, acknowledging what you've heard, making space for difficult conversations, honoring difference, and trusting your team, the whole organization learns to do the same.

When you support your relationships, excellence follows. The Outstanding Communicator course will help you: 

* use shared, clearly-delineated values to inform practice and policy,

* effectively use complaints and conflict,

*prioritize human strengths over perfectionism, and

* value process as much as outcome as a critical part of business development.

Using research-based practices, we engage in dynamic, interactive learning that is as effective as it is satisfying.

We'll place love and regard at the center of all we do with a practical recognition of what works. When you welcome your full humanity, your good work has a chance to soar to new heights. This isn't a squishy, nice thought: it's science. If you want the best out of your team and organization, you have to use human-centered work. 

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We make working together easy. 

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Live training with your team: Let's go!

We'll begin the work with an initial deep dive and sustain the work over time. We'll ride the wave of pure joy that comes from cultivating the best work relationships possible.

A young, white, businesswoman crosses her arms as she looks skeptically at a white man, barely in the frame, with his hands out in front of him as if he's explaining something to her.

Work with someone who gets results--and knows how to have fun!

Anne works with you to tailor The Outstanding Communicator workshop to engage your team's needs with deep, playful, and effective work. Do you know that playing together is one of the most effective ways to learn and keep your relationships strong? 

Anne has spent decades helping people communicate better--and have better lives. She helps you get to the deeper roadblocks and helps clear the path to better communication. Minimize the strife, build your skills, and your team of outstanding communicators will contribute the best work of your lives. 

The Outstanding Communicator is work that Anne brought to Organic Valley's leadership team when she was the Director of Public Affairs. It was so effective that the billion-dollar organization made it required training for every supervisor in the organization. This work is powerful. And it's only gotten better since then. 

Leaders find the work immediately relevant, relatable, and helpful. We all love to grow and learn when the learning is human-centered, done with skillful facilitation, and specific to our team's challenges.  

 Together, we work on what matters--and relationships matter most of all.  Let's do this. You can read more about Anne here

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Here's what people say about working with Anne

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Alissa Sears

Co-Founder // adVenturesAcademy. Vice President: Strategy & Growth // Christie & Co. 

Anne O’Connor is one of our lead facilitators for adVenturesAcademy helping to develop, facilitate and lead programming for our groups of mission-driven entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. She connects deeply, listens, and works tirelessly and seamlessly to bring out the best in every single participant. While leading large groups, she makes each person feel vitally important – creating a sense of individual attention while simultaneously moving the group towards the goals of greater connectedness, openness, and a collective growth mindset. Truly remarkable. We can’t recommend Anne and Metamorphix highly enough! 

George Siemon

Co-founder and Former CEO, Organic Valley

Anne is a natural teacher and an inspiring leader who skillfully helped Organic Valley take up the important work of how leaders can communicate best and how we can continually work towards a more cooperative, unified, and productive result as an organization. If you want to improve communication on your team, I recommend working with Anne.

Ginny Belden-Charles, PhD. 

Organizational consultant and coach 

In my work with Anne, I found her to be impeccable in navigating difficult terrain with integrity and heart. Her level of self-awareness is exceptional. She was able to handle an extremely difficult job that required cross organizational relationship building and communications.  One of Anne’s unique gifts is her ability to see the bigger picture and recognize the systemic factors at play. She is clear on the boundaries and requirements for navigating interpersonal space effectively and in a healthy way. Anne is a person of vision and hope, who can also speak directly to issues of justice and fairness.

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