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Welcome! I'm Anne O'Connor MSW, LGSW. This is the work to help you communicate better, be more connected in community, have better relationships, and live better than ever.  I can help you become who you want to be.

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Three ways you can grow, learn, and become who you want to be.

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LIVE Community: The Inspired Relationships Challenge 

This is the easy one: drop-in, no commitment. Can I help you create more social connection, trust, and belonging? Relationship building is the one skill that makes your everything better. Time to get real and get to it.

This is LIVE Community and it will help you be true to yourself and show up fully.

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A powerful woman leads the way with the headline of The Outstanding Communicator. When connection means business.

The Outstanding Communicator

My signature leadership training is immersive, hands-on, and high-level relational work. Your team develops skillful practices, productive mindsets, and the communication acumen to navigate every challenge with finesse and decency. Your team will stretch in all the ways necessary to build in four core areas of strength. 

More info on The Outstanding Communicator

Stop F'ing Around

This is a year-long deep dive that will give you practices you need to create a meaningful life of contribution.

This work is a loving and swift kick in the pants to motivate you, inspire you, and teach you the skills, mindsets, and practices to keep becoming the person you want to be. Stop F'ing Around begins June 2, 2024. 

Find out more about Stop F'ing Around starting June 2, 2024

Here's what people say about working with Anne

Alissa Sears

Co-Founder // adVenturesAcademy. Vice President: Strategy & Growth // Christie & Co. 

Anne O’Connor is one of our lead facilitators for adVenturesAcademy helping to develop, facilitate and lead programming for our groups of mission-driven entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. She connects deeply, listens, and works tirelessly and seamlessly to bring out the best in every single participant. While leading large groups, she makes each person feel vitally important – creating a sense of individual attention while simultaneously moving the group towards the goals of greater connectedness, openness, and a collective growth mindset. Truly remarkable. We can’t recommend Anne and Metamorphix highly enough! 

George Siemon

Co-founder and Former CEO, Organic Valley

Anne is a natural teacher and an inspiring leader who skillfully helped Organic Valley take up the important work of how leaders can communicate best and how we can continually work towards a more cooperative, unified, and productive result as an organization. If you want to improve communication on your team, I recommend working with Anne.

Ginny Belden-Charles, PhD. 

Organizational consultant and coach 

In my work with Anne, I found her to be impeccable in navigating difficult terrain with integrity and heart. Her level of self-awareness is exceptional. She was able to handle an extremely difficult job that required cross organizational relationship building and communications.  One of Anne’s unique gifts is her ability to see the bigger picture and recognize the systemic factors at play. She is clear on the boundaries and requirements for navigating interpersonal space effectively and in a healthy way. Anne is a person of vision and hope, who can also speak directly to issues of justice and fairness.

Metamorphix: The blog 

Stories you can use for better relationships.

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Aug 06, 2020

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Nov 13, 2022

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How committed am I to contributing my best gifts to the world?

If you know you've got more give, more to learn, more to feel, and more to be--I can help you spark that knowing into consistent, productive, and joyful action. We're all better with excellent support. Be in touch, we'll keep creating beauty in this world together.  

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