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We stand out when we consciously create our future, when we take up the consistent work to develop ourselves fully and provide excellent service.

I ask you: Will you be outstanding?

We need the best of you.   

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Are you building a vibrant organization through outstanding leadership communication?

Vibrant communities are intentional communities. The research is clear: the most successful organizations invest in training their teams. 

Hi, I'm Anne O'Connor, MSW, LGSW, a communications and relationship group coach. I support organizational change through leadership group training. Thanks for your interest in The Outstanding Communicator. This is my signature organizational course where I train leaders to actively communicate for connection, clarity, collaboration, creativity, and more. 

Skillful communication is the bedrock skill for all success, improving:

  • how processes flow,
  • how agreements are made and kept,
  • how people take responsibility or become defensive,
  • how much creativity and innovation people contribute,
  • how teams understand the vision and purpose of the organization and where they fit,
  • how much people can actively listen and absorb the plan,
  • how much trust there is between leadership and the rest of the organization.

The best work can happens when we directly address the human-scale issues of trust, compassion, and connection. If you're not addressing these in your trainings—consistently and clearly—you will get mixed results. At worst, you'll feel the tangible consequences of poor leadership: high turnover, disgruntled teams, ineffective planning, and people keeping their heads down instead of engaging.   

No matter where you are in your organizational leadership development, I can help you build better. My approach helps your leadership team become clear, effective, connective, calm, courageous, and confident communicators. Outstanding communicators.

I’ve been working with teams this way for more than 12 years. My curriculum is tailored to the needs of your organization, with evidence-backed strategies that work.

You know this: If you want something different, you must do something different. It’s an obvious strategy, but it is also woefully under-used in many organizations. You are here on this page because you want a better strategy. I will help you and your team with specific, clear, and totally doable work to make change you can feel and see and measure. Foundationally, I help people and teams become more self-aware, more intentional, more responsible, and more capable.  

My style is compassionate, but frank, clear, and on-point. I have a strong systems approach—we consider how we can change processes to help people do better. I directly approach conflict and any elephants wandering the room. 🐘🐘🐘 People at all levels trust me and they tell me where the problems live. We go there. I train people in the best-practice strategies to truly lead--themselves, their team, and their organization.

I am a practiced and skillful facilitator and course creator. My results are clear and the testimonials from my clients confirm: When I work with organizations people flourish, the work flourishes, and the people you serve get more and better from you. It’s a win-win-win. What organization doesn’t need that?

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Take the quiz! How effective and skillful are you at leadership communication?

Our next step is to design a tailored strategy for your team. Take the communication quiz to see what kind of leadership communication you have. Click the link below for the quiz. We'll use the quiz information and interviews with key leaders to create a personalized training strategy for your organization.

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We'll work our plan and you'll begin to see results right away. Over time and with practice, you and your team will feel the progress and frankly, the joy and relief that comes from good communication. Your team will feel more united and accomplished, and your business will flourish in new ways. 

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The Outstanding Communicator Details

Key results you can expect

Each team's outcomes will vary with the team's commitment level, practice, team and organizational support.  But you will likely see things moving and shifting and getting better very quickly even in the foundations phase. Below are some of the common themes that teams experience. 


Manage conflict promptly. Be clear and concise. Set and hold boundaries.



Take full responsibility first. Foster team confidence, cohesion, and efficacy. 



Encourage growth, creativity, and innovation.

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Hi, I'm Anne!

If you're meeting me for the first time, I'm thrilled you're here and I look forward to getting to know you and your team!

My work with organizations is powerful and effective. True change takes time, experience, and practice. I've been at this work for more than a decade. I've led teams in high-level roles at organizations, I've got the degrees and the glowing testimonials. More than anything, I've got the experience of helping teams grow and develop their communication and relationship skills. You can read more about my background here

I'm committed to real change in your organization. If you are also committed, we'll do great work together. In order to facilitate this kind of genuine change, I need to be able to coach you and your team directly, honestly, and right where it counts. Sometimes, right were it hurts. 

My "stop f'ing around" approach--paired seamlessly with compassion and effective training in "how-to"--isn't for everyone. It's for leaders and organizations who are ready to get down to the business of deep personal and professional development.  If you want something different for your team and your organization, I  can help you make significant, sustainable change with your leadership. Are you ready?


What leaders say about working with Anne: 


Anne is incredibly talented and her depth of experience and
passion is unparalleled. She connects deeply, listens, and works
tirelessly and seamlessly to bring out the best in every single
participant. She guides with such grace that makes each
person feel so comfortable in going deep, learning, growing
and building lasting impact. Truly remarkable.

- Alissa Sears,
Co-Founder // Adventuresacademy.
Vice President: Strategy & Growth // Christie & Co.

Anne is a natural teacher and an inspiring leader who skillfully
helped Organic Valley take up the important work of how
leaders can communicate best and how we can continually
work towards a more cooperative, unified, and productive
result as an organization. If you want to improve communication
on your team, I recommend working with Anne.

-George Siemon, CEO of Organic Valley


I’ve been in many leadership training workshops, and Anne
adds something new to the mix. She goes past what we already
know and helps us to get to the root of why making changes
can be so difficult. Anne helps us tap into our deepest thoughts
and desires, and then helps us connect those to life-enriching
plans for action and change.

-Grace Jones, Executive Director of Couleecap

Your team's success depends on effective communication.

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If you made it this far, you're interested enough to explore possibilities with me. Don't let doubt, distraction, or anything else stop you.

I can help you build a vibrant and successful team through outstanding leadership communication.

So do you part: lead.  

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