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The LIVE, weekly, drop-in, online, community to help you build your best relationships. We've got the tools, the mindsets, the strategies, the practices, and--perhaps best of all--the community to meet the challenge! See below for the concept that we're exploring this week. And get your ticket! 

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Welcome to LIVE Community. I'm your host and group coach, Anne O'Connor, MSW, LGSW. Are you looking for a community working on being better humans together? You are in the right place. We focus on the ways that we need to rise if we're going to be the person we're aiming for. 

That means we talk about managing our minds--however noisy. And our relationships and our bodies and our creativity and our self-care. All the things, my friend. If we are to rise, we need to keep coming after the pragmatic ways--the practices--of rising.

There's so much we can do to grow and learn. If you don't have an active practice of growing and learning, get on it, my friend. You do not need to do life alone. And community support is one of the best ways to rise: together.

I've been helping people have better communication and relationships for more than 12 years. Now I'm bringing that experience and training to a powerful gathering:


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We meet weekly on Fridays. Check on this page for the concept we're studying at this Friday's gathering. 

This week, May 24, 2024, we'll be exploring "Relationship is the Most Effective Vehicle for Growth." If you want to see yourself more clearly and experience the sweet joy of true connection, --this is the gathering for you. You can see more about the card below.   

We start at 11:30 am and go until 1 pm Central LIVE over Google Meet. Take the next step:

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Relationship is the Most Effective Vehicle for Growth.  

Do you cause problems in your relationships in these predictable ways?

* You think you are more articulate and clearer than you are about what you want or don't want?

* You believe that you are very aware of yourself and see yourself accurately as others see you?

* You are so clear about what the other person is doing "wrong" but have a hard time seeing your role in causing pain or conflict or challenge?

* You avoid the real issue and build your resentment on scale with a rising plague? Ewww...

You know, this is all typical behavior, sadly. And it’s not necessarily your fault. Our relationship training, in general, is more problematic than helpful.

The additional problem is that we all tend to think that we’re better at these skills than we truly are. Relationships blow all our neat theories out of the water.

The most important question is:  What are you doing about your rough parts? If you know that you’re doing things that are hurtful in your relationships, isn’t it time to get on with doing it differently? Because just repeating the same mistakes, over and over again without working to change them? Oh, that is your fault. You are responsible for getting better.

Plus, it feels so much better to be in better relationships.

What would it be like to feel more connected, more easy, more joyful in your relationships? Our most important relationships--romantic or otherwise--need ongoing support.

One easy and simple way to start is in considering the questions: this is what we do in LIVE Community. This week, we’re exploring Relationship is the Most Effective Vehicle for Growth.

Join us to explore practical ways to be a better person in relationship. Yeah, it really works like that.  

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Anne 💚


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You must develop these four ways of living to have anything you want.

 The graph below is a framework I developed to consider how we are making progress. We will use this framework--and many others--in the community. This work will help you develop further along these four important scales. 


How can a deck of cards give you beauty, connection, and love?

I mean, you'll have to do the work. But the deck is helpful in pointing where to work. After decades of hearing people's stories and directly coaching them to improve their communication and their relationships, a simple truth emerged for me: We all hurt and heal in similar ways.  

The card deck reflects 50 of the ways we can begin to heal with evidence-based concepts--actions, mindsets, body-awareness techniques, other useful strategies--designed to help us have better relationships. 

One of the best things about this deck is that I asked my family to paint the design for the cards--and they said yes! Each card is a hand-painted design in the unique style of one of my kids or my mom!

The result is the fun and fantastic: The Inspired Relationship Challenge deck. I am so proud of what we put together.

Since then, I've used the deck to run live workshops with long-term clients. My clients in organizations and people in my signature deep-dive course--Stop F'ing Around--love these cards and learning to embody the concepts. 

Now, I want you to have that powerful workshop experience too.  That's what LIVE Community is--a way for us to gather and do good work together. Easy, affordable, and no pressure. 

But still expansive and engaging and playful and smart and fun and deep? All at the same time? 

Yep, that too. Join us--you'll help build it. 

I'll see you on Friday. 


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A simple way to practice together.  

Now, for the first time, you have the opportunity to join me during live workshops on a drop-in basis. People have been asking me to create a way to work together that doesn't require such a significant commitment and the Inspired Relationships Challenge Community has arrived!

Every Friday from 11:30 am until 1 pm Central, I gather people online who are ready to explore and practice a concept. 

This combination of intellectual stimulation, body and nervous-system awareness, emotional regulation, laughter, and shared purpose will capture your attention and imagination as you learn new ways to be with yourself and in relationship. 

You will walk away from each week with a practice to try out right away in your life. The practice, along with the card, will be outlined in a handy PDF. 

You'll also walk away inspired, more hopeful, and more loving toward yourself and your favorite people. Maybe even your not-so-favorite people. 

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Check out these cards---and then join the group to energize your effort.

Take a look below at the following cards--each concept a core issue in our lives and one each designed by my kids and my mom. Remember this: however fabulous they are on their face, the LIVE group goes deeper and brings the concept into practical reality. The group is where the action is, where the learning is, where we learn to command our minds and our nervous systems and--yes, our mouths (Ha!) so that we can build better relationships. Take a look--and then, click the YES button.

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What would be different for you and your relationships if you loved yourself more, if you found compassion for your rough parts, and you grew your confidence in the belief that you belong here and get to count? And what if you could help reflect that reality for the people you love, too?

Phew...I'll tell you what: if you're like most of us, these skills will be so life-giving it will be like a different planet.

Shame is one of the most profoundly affecting issues that people confront in their relationships. Let's explore effective ways to heal it. 



Without a lot of fuss and resistance and feeling guilty and wondering if you'll "owe" someone. What if you just said, "Yes, thank you" more often? When you feel like you can't accept help, you take away someone's opportunity to connect with you. Of course, sometimes, "No, thank you" is your phrase. But doing it all yourself all the time guarantees that you either won't do it all or you won't do it as well. Let help be imperfect. 

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When we develop the wisdom that we are all far more alike than we are different, our thinking begins to shift dramatically.

With this work, you will build not only your tolerance for others when they annoy you, but also your compassion.

There is a galaxy of evidence that contempt is one of the most corrosive and quick-acting ways to destroy a relationship. With cards like this one, we delve into how to cultivate contempt's antidotes. 

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Don't let anxiety and fear take over in important moments.

Anxiety is a huge issue for many of us in our relationships.

Join us and learn more about how to stay steady and present--even in the most challenging situations. 

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Hi, I'm Anne!

If you're meeting me for the first time, I'm thrilled you're here and I welcome you to the community!

We're a group of engaged practitioners--that is, we're people who like to learn and practice how to get better at all the best stuff of life: love and relationships and communication and creativity, and curiosity and contribution and feeling good in our bodies and minds and hearts.

Please don't be intimidated or think this community will be too hard or "not your thing." If you want something different for your life, you must do something different. Isn't it time to get on with it? The community is a great start. 

Hear this clearly: if you want to learn and practice, there is a place for you here. We build this thing together. 

Join us. I'll see you on Friday. 

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Start now to build more skill and savvy in your mind, your heart, and your gut. Join us every Friday!




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  • Pull a card for a loved one and discuss. 
  • Use in your group--book club, women's group, etc. 

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What do you have to lose, my friend? Ninety minutes of your (I know: precious!) time and 22 bucks? Better question: what do you have to gain? Your true heart? Your wise mind? Your discerning gut? Great conversations about how we keep making life work? The world of grounded love, connection, and aliveness in your relationships?  It seems a simple equation with an obvious answer.

Take the action. Go ahead, hit the button. 

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