Come find out why you don't want to miss this January wellness retreat.

Are you ready to create a body, a mind, and a community that you love?

Join me, Anne O'Connor, for a time of dreaming--about more choice, about more flexibility, about less pain, and about standing for what matters in our lives with passion and integrity. In this webinar, I will share exciting research about how we can improve our wellness around our bodies, our minds, and our communities. It's the same model we'll use during the upcoming wellness retreat--January 4-11, 2023 at the beach (location TBD). I'll share details about how to join the retreat--and start making those dreams come true. I love helping women leaders keep becoming who they want to be. This free webinar is a great beginning. Fill out the form below, get the link sent to your email, and I'll see you soon!

Part rejuvenation, part revelation: All fun.