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Excellent small-group work is the way we change our lives--and the world. There is little better than the power of a small group, well facilitated and dynamically planned, using cutting-edge strategies, to create deep and lasting change. Check out these training possibilities and know that each training is tailored to the specific group, time allotted, and group goals. Anne's private sessions are powerful, productive and supportive work towards your dreams and passions. Let's talk. 

How to Win/Win Talking with Anyone About Anything

This training is designed to quiet the internal noise and strife that gets in the way of being the person we want to be —
to show up for ourselves and our people as concerned, competent, and capable. When we practice the work in this training, our inner conflict begins to resolve, leading the way for less outer conflict and more thriving. 

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Stronger, Smarter, and Happier than Ever

This workshop is for those willing to delve deep, open wide, and work hard to make significant, lasting change in their lives. Anyone who wants to move through their days with less anxiety and stress — not to mention less constipation and other drudgery. Anyone who wants more energy, more steadiness, clarity, and purpose. This course teaches us how to emerge from loss, setback, and transition with more self-surety, healthier coping strategies, and an expansive set of choices so we can show up genuinely, mindfully, and joyfully in our most important relationships.

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How to Make a Happy Life

This training will provide multiple ways of recognizing and transforming stress into useful energy. Anyone who is feeling over-stretched, overwhelmed, frustrated by being on an endless grind, or unable to manage life’s demands will benefit from this training. Anyone who isn’t sleeping well or enough, having digestion issues, or is irritable and snippy will learn skills and practices to ease the path towards a more smooth and happy life.

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