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Download this great guide below and find out not only how Anne does it, but the six things you want to make sure you're getting from any private session. And then be sure to check out the testimonials of people who have worked with Anne on the bottom of this page.

Inspire and Lead Your World to Become the Best Together

When you work together as a group, your organization, your team, your whole world can open to more collaborative relationships, more effective communication, more creative problem-solving, and healthier people and places. Call Anne today to see what she can design for your group.

How to Win/Win Talking with Anyone About Anything

In this training you will learn to notice and quiet the internal noise and strife that gets in the way of being the person you want to be —
to show up for yourself and your people as concerned, competent, and capable. When you practice the work in this training, our inner conflict begins to resolve, leading the way for less outer conflict and more thriving. 

This training is excellent for leadership teams with a good balance of personal responsibility combined with group dynamic navigation and systems work. 

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Stronger, Smarter, and Happier than Ever

This workshop is for those willing to delve deep, open wide, and work hard to make significant, lasting change in their lives. Anyone who wants to move through their days with less anxiety and stress — not to mention a more free-flowing body.

Anyone who wants more energy, more steadiness, clarity, and purpose. This course teaches us how to emerge from loss, setback, and transition with more self-surety, healthier coping strategies, and an expansive set of choices so we can show up genuinely, mindfully, and joyfully in our most important relationships.

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How to Transform Stress & Anxiety

Here, you'll learn multiple ways of recognizing and transforming stress into useful energy. Teams that are feeling over-stretched, overwhelmed, frustrated by being on an endless grind, or unable to manage life’s demands will benefit from this training.

Individuals and teams will learn time-proven skills and practices to ease tensions, recognize strain, communicate better, and accept what is so they can contribute their best gifts.

Happy people make stronger teams. It takes adept leadership to help create smooth interactions and work flow. Anne can help get you there. 

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"I have worked with numerous people over the years but Anne was, for me, far and away the best practitioner with whom I have worked. I liked that we set and returned to realistic goals, things that allowed me to stay focused on the work and not get lost in my own worry or self-doubt. I absolutely loved that each session began with grounding meditative practice. Even better, this practice incorporated movement and body awareness that gave me great peace as well as keen insight into my own state at a given moment--tools I’ve utilized long since I’ve stopped working with Anne. She gave me the tools to self soothe, to self-reflect, and self-motivate, reminding me of my intrinsic worth as a human. And for that I will be forever grateful. Anne is a beautiful soul, an excellent listener, and a keen observer. I highly recommend her help if you are serious about doing the good work of becoming your best self. "

-- Private-session client

"I had several sessions with Anne and really enjoy her style. Each session began with a short meditation, which made me feel calm and focused. I always felt heard and supported. Yet Anne’s questions also challenged me and made me rethink previously held assumptions. Thus, I became more aware of negative behavior patterns and changed them almost immediately. For example, after saying repeatedly, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that, I don’t know how’ Anne helped me through the process. But what stuck with me profoundly was her seemingly simple comment, ‘You do know how.’Somehow, those words hit a nerve and guided me through my decision-making processes in the following days and weeks. My busy mind began to calm down, the phrase ‘I do know how’ kept appearing, and I felt secure witin myself and more at peace. Thank you, Anne, for your help and wisdom during an emotionally stressful time in my life. "

-- Private Session Client

"As a mid-50s lifetime working mom and a CEO of a health care organization, I have decades of experience working for businesses, causes, and people, but not nearly enough experience taking care of me. In my head, I knew that my Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure were preventable and caused by years of stress. And that I could reduce those burdens with some good attention. But I never managed to find a sustainable way to maintain. I finally got fed up with my fits and spurts approach, and the creeping unhappiness that I wasn’t feeling I was a good “me.” I reached out to Metamorphix and Anne for some one-on-one support. It’s been an eye opening, and quite honestly, surprising journey of discovery, self-reflection and learning. Through this work with Anne, I’ve found 1) an optimistic realist; 2) a practical ally; and 3) a pragmatic coach who observes with wisdom, resources, and a great sense of humor. The weekly sessions (via Zoom) and the real-time session summary notes from Anne make me accountable for taking action and staying with the work. And make no mistake: it is work. However, I finally decided it’s time to invest in me in a healthy way. Anne’s philosophy focuses on clarifying your own wishes, paying attention to what your body is telling you and taking action (with regular reminders) that allow you to sustain progress. If you’re wondering about re-finding “you,” connect with Metamorphix. I’m grateful I have and expect you will be too. "

-- Private Session Client

"Anne is a natural teacher and an inspiring leader who skillfully helped Organic Valley take up the important work of how leaders can communicate best and how we can continually work towards a more cooperative, unified, and productive result as an organization. If you want to improve communication on your team, I recommend working with Anne."

George Siemon
founder and former CEO, Organic Valley

"Anne O’Connor is one of our lead facilitators for adVenturesAcademy helping to develop, facilitate and lead programming for our groups of mission-driven entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. Throughout the process she has been incredibly thoughtful, understanding the unique dynamics of our participants to create custom programs that build trust, engagement and create a safe space to cultivate vulnerability and the ability to transcend comfort zones. She is incredibly talented and her depth of experience and passion is unparalleled. She connects deeply, listens, and works tirelessly and seamlessly to bring out the best in every single participant. She guides with such grace that makes each person feel so comfortable in going deep, learning, growing and building lasting impact. While leading large groups, she makes each person feel vitally important – creating a sense of individual attention while simultaneously moving the group towards the goals of greater connectedness, openness, and a collective growth mindset. Truly remarkable. We truly can’t recommend Anne and Metamorphix highly enough!"

Alissa Sears
Co-founder // adVenturesAcademy. Vice President: Strategy & Growth// Christie & Co.

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