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Hi, I'm Anne O'Connor 


When we do this work together, it will rock your world in an unforgettable way. It will change the way you see conflict, negotiation, persuasion, relationship-building, asking for what you need, and transparency. It's so good! You know that leading requires you to stretch and this is the best kind of stretching. 

I have a lifetime of experiences that set me up perfectly to teach the principles and behaviors I outline above and beyond. I led communications for the U.S.'s largest organic cooperative--a complex system of competing communication needs.  No matter how big your organization, communications is a central area to get right. I help you do that at the inter-personal level, the team level, and the organizational level with The Outstanding Communicator program.

Together, we will question habits and thinking and systems. We'll consider new ways to approach situations. When you're making a change, I'll be your steadiest, clearest, and most loving champion. I'll support you and your team's new ways with practical reinforcements. 

Does this all sound heavy and deep? It can be--ha! It's also good to hold it lightly and be ready to laugh easily. Because the work is also tons of fun and deeply engaging. The most satisfying work focuses on the core of what it means to be human--to be connected and vibrant. We learn to live from that foundation for ourselves and with one another. And then, truly lead the way for others.

If you've felt this part of your aliveness before, you know what I'm describing and you know that it takes courage and practice to sustain and build.  

I am that builder. I am known for my unswerving commitment to examination and continued progress with people. I will explore with you how power moves, how disregard elbows its way in, how acknowledgement is dished out, and how unspoken rules are so loud. We'll actually speak them aloud and see if you all still want them. This kind of rigor isn't always easy, but it's that good kind of hard--like a workout done just right: not too much but enough to really feel it. This is how we grow and strengthen into being fully alive: into being outstanding. 

I've had a 20+ year career in communications leadership positions, leading and building teams in everything from non-profits to Organic Valley, the billion-dollar organic cooperative. For the past decade, I've been facilitating some version of this course with hundreds of leaders from all kinds of backgrounds. I'm completing my Master of Social Work degree with a groups focus and an anticipated completion in May, 2023. I've got lots of relevant experiences; if you want to hear more, let's talk. Book a call. 

Do the work and life will never be the same. I literally guarantee it.

All in a day's work: Leading as an Outstanding Communicator

Consider how often you meet the pressure of the moment:
  1. To be crystal clear, and leave room for uncertainty.
  2. To be transparent, but carefully in the right time and place.
  3. To be responsible and to know when to let someone else step in.
  4. To be disciplined and also know that letting loose is required for human wellbeing.
  5. To both acknowledge the pain and to foster resiliency. 
  6. To be uplifting and passionate, and realistic and grounded. 
Sometimes, all in a single morning.
The intensity is real; how you command yourself matters.
Outstanding communication begins within your own mind and actions--true leadership always starts within before it ventures to others. Let me help you become a skillful navigator--whatever the pressure. 
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As a leader, you know that reinventing yourself and your organization is continuous-improvement work. I'm thrilled that you're interested in further developing your leadership team's communication and relationships. Relationships are the lifeblood of every organization. 

We are in a global moment of possibility: work and workplaces are being redefined as the Great Resignation is clearly demonstrating. How are you and your leadership team meeting this critical need? Will your organization rise to the moment--prioritizing connection and the heart of being human in the workplace?

The Outstanding Communicator will help you soar with a live, engaging program tailored to your leadership team's particular needs. We deepen and clarify our personal and organizational values. We set out a significant intention and then we work together to fully meet that intention to become the person--and the organization--we see in our vision. We explore and wonder and play and get down to the work that clears away what is no longer necessary. We get to what is most important. 

In order to do deep, sustainable work, teams and organizations need a commitment to a practical process and experienced guidance along the way.  The Outstanding Communicator give you all of it.  

Book a call with me today and get started. Let's go! 

Here's what people say about working with Anne...

"Two and a half years later, I draw on the work that I did with Anne every day, multiple times…Working with Anne is a really wise investment… It enhanced many of the relationships I have, it helped me be a more boundaried person and how to be more present in relationships."

Development Director

"Being a part of Anne O’Connor’s workshop was truly transformational to me in my life. (It) provided me the support I needed to take the steps and do the hard work and hold myself accountable to making the choices that were best for me to move my life forward in a way that feels amazing today."

Marketing Manager

"I’ve been in many leadership training workshops, and Anne adds something new to the mix. She goes past what we already know and helps us to get to the root of why making changes can be so difficult. Anne helps us tap into our deepest thoughts and desires, and then helps us connect those to life-enriching plans for action and change."

Grace Jones
former Executive Director of Couleecap, Inc.

"Anne O'Connor has a magical way of drawing you in and, even in a group of people, you feel like she is talking to you. She has an amazing gift for telling stories in a way that makes you learn who you are and what you need to move forward. She will help you to look right where you need to look."

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Anne is a natural teacher and an inspiring leader who skillfully helped Organic Valley take up the important work of how leaders can communicate best and how we can continually work towards a more cooperative, unified, and productive result as an organization. If you want to improve communication on your team, I recommend working with Anne."

George Siemon
Co-founder and Former CEO, Organic Valley

"Anne O’Connor is one of our lead facilitators for adVenturesAcademy helping to develop, facilitate and lead programming for our groups of mission-driven entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. Throughout the process she has been incredibly thoughtful, understanding the unique dynamics of our participants to create custom programs that build trust, engagement and create a safe space to cultivate vulnerability and the ability to transcend comfort zones. She is incredibly talented and her depth of experience and passion is unparalleled. She connects deeply, listens, and works tirelessly and seamlessly to bring out the best in every single participant. She guides with such grace that makes each person feel so comfortable in going deep, learning, growing and building lasting impact. While leading large groups, she makes each person feel vitally important – creating a sense of individual attention while simultaneously moving the group towards the goals of greater connectedness, openness, and a collective growth mindset. Truly remarkable. We truly can’t recommend Anne and Metamorphix highly enough! "

Alissa Sears
Co-Founder // adVenturesAcademy. Vice President: Strategy & Growth // Christie & Co.

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